The African Drum & Dance Parent Association (ADDPA) is a non-profit community based organization founded in 1992 by Kevin Collins. Students aged 2 through adult are instructed in the art of West African Drum and Dance. They receive lessons on African history and culture, they learn vital entrepreneurial skills such as drum repair, drum making, creating African shakers (Shakaree) from gourds, jewelry and belt making. Mentoring services are provided. As students become proficient in the art of drum and dance they showcase their skills in colorful and vibrant performances around the City, County and State.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and we will be beginning a new musical program in October 2016. In order for this program to be successful we will need an assortment of musical instruments. We need your support and help. We are asking our Community partners to donate used or new musical instruments of all varieties to our program. We will also be very grateful for any monetary donations to this program that you can provide.

We are thanking you in advance for your heartfelt donation. Your donation will allow the continued success of our program.
Thank you again! We are so grateful and appreciative of the support and help from our Community.