The African Drum & Dance Parent Association (ADDPA) is a non-profit community based organization founded in 1992 by Kevin Collins. Students aged 2 through adult are instructed in the art of West African Drum and Dance. They receive lessons on African history and culture, they learn vital entrepreneurial skills such as drum repair, drum making, creating African shakers (Shakaree) from gourds, jewelry and belt making in the Entrepreneurial Program. All items the students create are sold in our Store. Mentoring services are provided. As students become proficient in the art of drum and dance they showcase their skills in colorful and vibrant performances around the City, County and State. Classes are held at the The Flint Development Center, 4121 Martin Luther King Ave., Flint 48505.

African Drum & Dance Association is expanding their programming to after-school at Traditional and Charter Schools. Activities will include West African Drum and Dance Classes,  building and repairing African Drums, fabric art-designing African Costumes, designing jewelry and making other accessories.  In addition, students will learn entrepreneurial skills, retail and managing a store.  For more information contact us.  

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Board Members:
Kevin Collins, CEO and President

Jewellynne S. Richardson, Chair

Annie Odom, Treasurer

Jean Marilyn Kennedy, Secretary

Todd Womack, Board Member

Rodney Collins, Board Member

Abhishek Utekar, Board Member

Melody Smith, Board Member